In today's world, where energy is increasingly valuable, energy efficiency - optimising energy use to get the most out of the least amount of energy - is very important. Unlike energy conservation, which simply means using less energy, efficiency is about using energy more wisely.

How do we use energy more wisely? The answer lies in modern technology that improves existing systems to make them more energy efficient, whether in commercial establishments or residential settings.

Our energy audit is designed to optimize your energy usage and cut down on costs. Step Energy's team of professionals will carry out a thorough assessment of your business or home and implement the necessary measures to achieve energy efficiency and reduce costs effectively.

Energy Audit
for Your Business

Energy audits and effective energy efficiency measures can result in substantial cost savings for businesses. Although pinpointing issues in business operations might be relatively easy, uncovering inefficiencies in energy consumption can be more complex. However, addressing these inefficiencies opens up considerable opportunities for business improvement.

Our team of professionals excels in performing thorough audits of businesses, identifying areas where energy is not being utilized optimally. By recognizing inefficiencies and applying appropriate measures, we assist businesses in attaining notable reductions in costs.

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Energy Audit
for Residential Buildings

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your home can lead to substantial reductions in utility bills. While it may be challenging to detect energy waste with the naked eye, the reality is that significant amounts of energy we pay for each year go to waste.

The Step Energy team specializes in conducting thorough energy audits of homes. We identify areas and issues contributing to energy waste and provide effective solutions to rectify them. Partner with us to save money and optimize your home's energy usage!

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Comprehensive Energy Audit

Our experts will take a detailed look at all the key energy efficiency issues in your building and more.

Preparatory Phase

Identifying opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs. Data collection. On-site verification. Consumption benchmarking and analysis.


Drawing up an Implementation Plan

Development of an implementation plan for selected energy efficiency measures to achieve energy efficiency.


Maintaining Energy Efficiency

Addressing identified problems. Implementation of effective energy-saving measures.


Review and Improvement

It is essential for the proper operation of the system that the audit is reviewed periodically to further improve the system.